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HDPE water supply pipe characteristics:

1. Long service life: Under normal conditions, the maximum service life is up to 50 years.

2. Good hygiene: PE pipe is non-toxic, does not contain heavy metal additives, does not scale, and does not breed bacteria, which can solve the problem of secondary pollution of drinking water. It complies with GB/T17219 safety evaluation standards and the relevant health safety evaluation regulations of the Ministry of Health.

3. It can withstand the corrosion of a variety of chemical media: no electrochemical corrosion.

4. The inner wall is smooth, the coefficient of friction is extremely low, the medium's passing capacity is correspondingly improved, and it has excellent wear resistance.

5. Good flexibility, high impact resistance, strong shock and distortion resistance.

6. Light weight, convenient transportation and installation.

7. Unique electrofusion connection, hot-melt butt joint, and hot-melt socket connection technology make the interface high in strength with the pipe body, ensuring the safety and reliability of the interface.

8. The welding process is simple, the construction is convenient, and the overall project cost is low.

9. PE environmental protection and health water supply pipes dn20~dn90 are blue, dn110 and above are blue or black with blue lines, other colors need to be customized, and the color of the accessories corresponds to the color of the pipe.

10. Small water flow resistance: HDPE water supply pipe has a smooth inner surface, and its Manning coefficient is 0.009. The smooth performance and non-adhesive characteristics ensure that HDPE water supply pipes have a higher conveying capacity than traditional pipes, and at the same time reduce the pressure loss of the pipeline and the energy consumption of water transmission.

Technical requirements for HDPE water supply pipes

Color: The color of the pipe is blue or black, and there should be a co-extruded blue color bar on the black pipe. There are at least three color bars along the longitudinal direction of the pipe.

Appearance: The color of the pipe should be basically the same. The surface of the pipe should be smooth and flat, and no cracks, bubbles, peeling, obvious impurities, and serious shrinkage are allowed. The end face of the pipe should be cut flat and perpendicular to the axis.

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