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Company culture
Company Culture
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Dare to take responsibility

Strict and punctual, not shirk of responsibility is the basic requirement of every Gaoyang person. When encountering problems, he must be brave to take responsibility, be good at solving problems, and use professionalism, professionalism, and dedication as the standard for judging good and bad.


Having both ability and political integrity is the primary criterion for Hi Sun to select managers, and every employee must strictly follow Hi Sun’s professional ethics. We encourage everyone to express their views and oppose forming cliques and talking behind their backs.

Encourage innovation

We encourage innovation, which means that we are not afraid of setbacks and move forward courageously. For active innovators, everyone must have a tolerant of failure and allow mistakes. Once the innovation is successful, the innovator will share the results and benefits of the innovation, allowing the innovator to get an enviable return.

Democratic inquiry

Look at the problem from the customer’s standpoint, think that creating unique value for customers is Gao Yang’s pursuit, use facts and data as the basis for decision-making, and conform to the company's strategy as the standard of judgment, and gradually transition from the rule of man to the rule of law, forming mutual assistance and mutual supervision , Efficient and transparent management mode.


Every employee should listen attentively, tolerate dissent, allow different opinions and ideas, try to understand each other from the standpoint of the other, put the company's overall situation as the most important thing, and adults will achieve their own goals.


The system design is based on the premise of improving efficiency, the simplification of the process and the ease of operation as the criterion, and the principle of matching power, responsibility and benefit.


Link employees' personal interests with Gao Yang's overall interests, and let every employee work hard to maximize their personal interests. The company advocates result-oriented, positive incentives, and practices the people-oriented concept.

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