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PVC-C high voltage power cable protection sleeve

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PVC-C high voltage power cable protection sleeve

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Main product performance

Heat resistance: Vicat softening temperature is above 93℃.

Compressive performance: The thermal compression force of the ring segment is above 1.26KN at 80°C.

Insulation performance: can withstand 35KV voltage.

Impact resistance: Has good impact resistance.

Installation performance: Because of the socket connection, it is light in weight and can be installed by two people. Therefore, one excavation can be installed for hundreds of kilometers at a time, which saves time, labor, and labor, and greatly improves work efficiency.

Service life: PVC-C high voltage power cable protective sleeve has good corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties. The service life is more than 50 years.

Main use of PVC- _C high-voltage power cable protective sleeve

Urban and rural excavation of high-voltage cable piping projects.

Instructions for construction of PVC-C high voltage power cable protective sleeve

1. For the transportation of pipes, it is strictly forbidden to throw, drop, impact, score and expose during the construction process.

2. Pay attention to the elastic sealing ring to fall off by itself during installation, pay attention to the depth of insertion, and do not directly hit the pipe with a hammer.

3. The bend of the pipeline should not be too large.

4. The specifications and dimensions of PVC-C high-voltage power cable protection sleeves are shown in Table 1.

Specification and size of PVC-C high voltage power cable protection sleeve

Specifications Nominal wall thickness
Basic dimensions Limit deviation
100 5.0 +0.5
139 6.0 +0.5
167 6.0 +0.5
167 8.0 +0.6
192 6.5 +0.5
192 8.5 +0.6
219 7.0 +0.5
219 9.5 +0.8
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