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Welding process of PE pipe

 1, PE pipe welding surface must be clean (clean) dry. Unclean welding surface will affect the molecular melting, and entanglement.

2、Reasonable heating temperature, as well as time, to ensure sufficient viscous melt.

3, appropriate external force (external force) will exacerbate the deformation of molecules, so that molecules in the two welding surfaces are completely fused. PE pipeline in order to ensure the safe production of coal mine units and departments at all levels attach great importance to gas-related research. The more commonly used measure in coal mine production is to use special pipelines to discharge gas to ensure the safety of mine operations. Gas pipeline is a special pipeline for coal mine gas drainage. The performance of gas pipeline directly affects the safety of coal mine production.

4.Cooling time.

5, PE pipe welding process, PE pipe welding process temperature changes have a great impact on welding. When the temperature is low, the heating time is prolonged and the temperature rises. When the temperature is high, can be appropriate to shorten the heating time, or reduce the low temperature of the hot melt machine.

 6, pressure conversion: the actual welding pressure and process. PE pipe parameters are different, the first process pressure (heating pressure, heat absorption pressure, welding pressure) into the hydraulic system pressure. Secondly, the resistance (friction resistance of moving fixture ground) is added to P1 to get the use pressure.

7, heat fusion machine operating surface introduction:S1, PE pipe cross-sectional area (cross-sectional area) s2. hydraulic cylinder cross-sectional area, universal welding machine manufacturers provide P0. interface pressure (process pressure).

8, PE pipe welding precautions. Heat fusion welding should be selected with the same brand (grade), the same specifications, the same pipe. Similar performance of different brands of PE water supply pipe, welding test (test) and verification.

9, in cold weather (below -5 ° C), as well as windy weather for heat fusion (heat fusion) connection. Need to take protective measures to protect or adjust the PE pipe welding process.

10, rainy days are strictly prohibited heat fusion welding, because the welded joints ground inlet is easy to cause PE water supply pipe virtual welding.

11, it is strictly prohibited to start the milling cutter at high pressure (pressure), it is strictly prohibited to contact or contaminate the milling cutter tube, resulting in contamination. pe water supply pipe for its corrosion resistance, high strength, non-toxicity and other advantages. pe pipe is widely used in the field of water supply pipe manufacturing. Because it will not rust, it is the ideal pipe to replace ordinary iron water supply pipe. Mainly used in urban water supply, city gas supply, farmland irrigation and other fields.

12, Workers should not wear heavy clothes or jewellery, workers should wear protective gloves, work clothes and work shoes. Avoid pockets, long hair, shoelaces and other parts too close to the machine, so as not to damage the operating equipment, pollution PE water supply pipe.

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