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Changzhou Gaoyang Plastic Co., Ltd.

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Changzhou Gaoyang Plastic Co., Ltd. (Changzhou Yitong Plastic Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer of polyethylene (PE), vinyl chloride (PVC-U), and chlorinated polyethylene (PVC-C) pipes and fittings. The company was founded In the 1980s, after gradual development, the product production capacity has exceeded 10,000 tons. The company has superb production technology, sophisticated production equipment, first-class product quality and sales service. It is one of the main production units in the plastic pipe industry.
The company passed the "ISO90002 Quality System Certification", "Special Equipment Manufacturing License of the People's Republic of China", "AAA Enterprise Credit Rating", "Member Unit of China Plastics Processing Industry Association" in 1999, and insists on taking technology as the guide , Based on modern management, production and sales, profit and taxation and other major indicators have grown at a relatively rapid rate, becoming one of the most promising companies in China's pipe industry.

Company culture
The company is willing to go hand in hand with new and old friends and colleagues from all walks of life with advanced technology, high-quality products, qualified prices and perfect services to create a brilliant future.
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